Halloween… DEAD!

Halloween has been declared dead… or at least it is in France.  Many of us don\’t think about how holidays here in the US are not celebrated the world over.  The fourth of July is an obvious one, but Thanksgiving is only celebrated in the US and Canada (and not at the same time). 

According to Wikipedia, Halloween is celebrated in the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Puerto Rico, as well as Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines. 

Halloween began in Ireland, but has been shipped to other parts of the world (including France) as part of the United State\’s best export, pop culture.  But things have changed since 2000.  Anything American is unpopular, even something as fun as Halloween. 

Speaking of here in America… I\’m a bit tired of the belly-aching about:

How commercialized Halloween has become.
Halloween is only as commercialized as you make it.  Don\’t buy 300 dollars worth of decorations.  Spend less than 50 and buy hay bales, corn stalks, pumpkins and candles.  Spend some time with your family making the decorations.

How sexy the costumes have become. 
Then don\’t buy a french maid outfit for you 15-year-old daughter.  Maybe take the time to put some creativity in their costume instead of just buying off the rack at Target.

How fat our kids are and they shouldn\’t eat all that chocolate.   
Then don\’t let them eat it all at once.  And if you are really that much against chocolate try trick-or-treating for charity.

A holiday is only as good or bad as you make it.








2 responses to “Halloween… DEAD!”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    not sure about the rest of you, but the doorbell rang only three times last night in happy valley. my mom called and said they had just over 20 kids at the house in austin. fifteen years ago we had over 100. is trick-or-treating not in fashion anymore? are people too fearful to send their kids out, or are there other alternatives (malls, etc)?

  2. wadE Avatar

    we were up 75% in trick or treaters. From 4 to 7 this year!!! My parents have actually had a couple years when they didn’t get anyone. When I was a kid we had dozens. Is it just the change in demographic in areas over time (fewer little kids). This year was it the weather? I don’t know.

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