do you like orel?

This article caught my intention. if you\’re click-challenged, is reporting that former cy young winner orel hershiser is interviewing for the oakland a\’s manager gig. while this isn\’t necessarily earth-shattering news (hershiser spent a couple of seasons as the rangers\’ pitching coach), it does have the following impact: i feel old.

of the 30 active managers in 2006, i have distinct memories of watching nine of them play (bell, francona, garner, girardi, guillen, melvin, randolph, scioscia, wedge). this, friends, is not right. baseball managers should always be old, crochety men like jim leyland and tom kelly and bobby cox, guys who had a cup of coffee at the major league level back in 1974 but never made much of a name for themselves in the bigs, and never played after 1987. that\’s almost as messed up as some dude younger than me being named the general manager for the rangers. here\’s where i\’d like to say that i\’d do such a better job than he ever could, but i\’m afraid my record in fantasy baseball last year betrays that thought. bugger.

all of this to (sorta) say: go cardinals. 🙂







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