i was about to thank sparklegirl for sharing this.  but when someone shares something that negatively affects you for the rest of your life, is \”thanks\” appropriate?








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  1. alex Avatar

    Wow. Hold on, I need a moment to compose my thoughts.
    Ok, whew. The thing is, this is awful. But right in the middle of it, I thought: How much funnier would this be if I pictured Phil Donahue instead of Tyra?, and that made it… well, not better. Perhaps less tragic.

  2. monkey Avatar

    Oh boy. I’m not clicking on your youtube links anymore.

  3. wadE Avatar

    Wow… I mean… wow. I had heard that Tyra was a bit crazy… but … wow. I’ve never seen someone so excited about Vaseline. I’d like to see her reaction to some KY heating lubricant. Yow!!!

  4. Brian Scott Avatar

    How am I supposed to react to this video? Seriously. I need some guidance here. Did she really fall on the ground and roll around… twice? Really? What was the thinking behind that?

    I’m feeling lost. I think I might have to go home early and spend some time with my kids.

    Did she say the vaseline was worth $100? Why was that? Was there something special about the container?

    And why was the audience screaming so much?

    It kind of makes you question everything, doesn’t it…

  5. wadE Avatar

    Well, it appeared the Vaseline container had been Bedazzled… so that’s why it was worth $100. I assume it was the same old vaseline inside. (never thought I’d type that sentence). I’m not sure how I should react either, but I’m more curious to how the producers reacted when they saw it… and if Tyra has regrets for taking drugs before her show, or does she think that was great television.

  6. anderswa Avatar

    apparently there was some concern that she was, well, chemically-enhnaced during the taping, so now we have the official word:
    selected tidbits:
    + I hope you all got my joke when I was acting all crazy.
    + But a spoof wouldn’t be a spoof without a little (or a lot) of exaggeration, so I had to be over the top with it.
    If you noticed, we put my VASELINE jar on a key chain to push the Oprah car spoof up one extra notch. It was soooooo much fun.
    still not buying it.

  7. alex Avatar

    I actually wondered if it might be some kind of ham-handed Oprah spoof, but as I didn’t really find it all that funny, I wasn’t sure how to respond. So I chose to envision Phil Donahue instead. My mind is a scary place.

  8. wadE Avatar

    I too was thinking Oprah, but I didn’t think spoof, I was thinking she was more serious and trying to be Oprah… looking at it through that lens actually makes it slightly more funny, and slightly less disturbing. I just don’t think Tyra’s sense of humor and mine match… which is too bad. Rawrrrrr!!!! 🙂

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