6th Annual Austin Bar Crawl

Welcome to the 6th Annual Austin Bar Crawl!

Sorry for the extended delay, but it\’s been a painfully busy summer and early fall for all of us.  But better late than never!!!

If you are unfamiliar with the ABC please check out our previous misadventures from 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005. Ahhh Austin… it truly is a drunkards paradise.

We were back to the core group this year of Matty, Dan, Wade, Alex, wadE, and Jason. It just didn\’t feel right without Dan last year. We were glad to have him back.

With all the key players in place for this year\’s crawl we made a pact that since we are getting a bit older (and we thought wiser), we should maybe have a person take a bar off as we did the rounds. Try and cut back a little bit. Why we thought we could reign in our excess in Austin is beyond me. Fools, we were! But we all made it through, though some were in much better shape than others, but we\’ll get to that. So join us as we recap the 6th Annual Austin Bar Crawl.




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2 responses to “6th Annual Austin Bar Crawl”

  1. Mom Anderson Avatar
    Mom Anderson

    It is always so fun to have you all here for your Pub Crawl! How come I never hear about any of these stories til they get published in here?…Love you all!!!

  2. scottB Avatar

    As a former Austinite myself, I can diagnose your ills from drinking Dannys and Mapleviews beer…it’s 3-2! perhaps checkout the revamped Windrift near Todd Park, strong drinks and they feature ham and cheeseballs as well as Reuben balls that would make Bobby Flay proud. Keep up the good work.

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