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So over on the side blog I\’ve been running a quasi-daily category in which I single out a blog post or two worthy of your consideration. But today\’s been a gold mine of sorts here on the tubes of the internet, so I thought I\’d bring the whole thing over here for a longer post. Just sharing the love here, folks.

Let\’s start with this fantastic idea going on over at Deadspin. I encourage all of you to support this if at all possible. I\’m kind of shocked at the dollar amount they\’ve already raised, but that\’s no reason to keep it from growing larger still.


Much more after the jump.

This is probably the news of the weird story of the day, although you could make a plausible case for the baby-tosser as well. Still, lightning out the ass? Sounds painful. I think Jason complained about that once.

(Yes, that was a cheap shot. I\’m sorry.*)

(*I\’m not.)

Moving on to things that are simply cool, I got this video clip by way of Sooooz, who is too cool for words herself. I was playing it at work, and when it got done one of my co-workers said \”Wait, that was a guitar?\”.

Had I not hit the aforementioned gold mine, this would surely have been the BPotD. I can\’t say much more than that I certainly echo his call for more context. I like to be well informed whenever possible, and if I can do that by watching tv, well bonus!

If you\’d like some political content today, please try here or here. Although with that latter, once you\’ve accepted that the President has lied, does it really matter if someone else has too?

Twenty grand for a list of e-mail addresses? Man, that would be hard to resist. Why can\’t I test my own scruples with a pile of money like that? Hmm, I think I probably just answered that question.

Interesting that Newsweek ran a separate cover again this week. Does this mean that they consider Global Warming a more sensitive topic than a gay pederast Congressman? That\’s somewhat disturbing.

I\’m going to refrain from making a Newsweek joke at Jason\’s expense this time, but Wade should feel free to make the Fletch joke that\’s lying around in there. I\’m just saying.

Since I was looking it up to send to Kent, here\’s a particularly good episode of The Show with Ze Frank. I like to call it intellectual humor.

Finally, there\’s this. You can make money from blogging? You can make money from blogging that? I\’ve come to this arena too late.

All for now. See ya next time.







3 responses to “An Etc. Post”

  1. wadE Avatar

    of course… men love to read about women who like to have sex… and lots of it. it’s no surprise this makes money.

    your blog should be about your feelings and how you communicate them with everyone (your friends, your mother, past girlfriends, etc.) maybe women would read it in droves and you could make money that way…

  2. alex Avatar

    “I tend to use a lot of verbal non-verbals; grunts, vague noises, and invented words.” I don’t think that’ll sell too well. I guess I’ll have to lie… 🙂

  3. anderswa Avatar

    you should enumerate. but, in some semblance of order:

    + bob whitfield is one attractive m’f’er. no wonder his so many damn kids.

    + that guitar bit is *amazing*

    + it’s cool that scott adams is smart enough to go beyond jokes about flowcharts. although i have to agree with his first commenter: “You’re in the minority, Scott. Most readers I’ve talked to care less about the amount of useful information… than whether or not it looks pretty.”

    + reading about this administration exausts me. but what’s more exhausting is realizing the dems might not even take advantage of what is– in essence– being handed to them on a silver platter come november.

    + “Somebody’s bucking for a promotion. It’s probably that pederast Hanrahan. I don’t know. All I know is if I don’t go back with something you and your son-in-law are gonna be the scapegoats of the week. ”

    + anyone who can work in the phrase “deserves to have his balls lovingly sucked and fondled” in a blog entry gets my stamp of approval. that being said, i bet she looks like a horse.

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