george… ma\’am…

are you like me, do you like do whatever possible at work to put off actually doing work?  then i\’ve got a website for you.  no, not youtube.  not ze frank.  not even the ever-popular simpleprop.  (c\’mon, we\’ve been writing more lately.)


it\’s a sometimes fun, sometimes painful trip down memory lane featuring both audio and video clips from 80\’s tv show themes and intros.  ooh, there are commercials, too!  you think you don\’t remember every word from the webster theme song?  think again.  did bill cosby really say \”it\’s an explosion of wonderfulness in your mouth\”?  yup.

my top five after the cut.

5)  just the ten of us.  you remember it.  yes, bill medley actually tries to make the plural of day be \”dayses.\”

4)  mr. belvedere.  lynn aloysius belvedere, if you\’re nasty. 

3)  simon & simon.  when the band gets back together, i\’m going to insist that we learn this one.

2)  tic tac dough.  about as 80s-sounding as you can get.

1)  McDLT.   i just feel dirty.








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