\”They look like an angry goat.\”

So naturally I was watching the opening night tilt between the Leafs and the Sens. (Yes, I did say naturally.) And I\’ll be honest, it\’s 3-1 Ottawa in the 2nd period, and the game\’s been somewhat boring, so I wasn\’t watching too closely. But I did hear the following exchange:

\”Speaking of the Sabres, what do you think of the new uniforms?\”
\”They look like an angry goat. That\’s what I think.\”

Folks, I couldn\’t let this statement go un-Googled. I present you with your 2006-2007 Buffalo Sabres logo:

Yikes. That\’s pretty awful. Between them and the Bills, the city of Buffalo may have cornered the market on ugly.







One response to “\”They look like an angry goat.\””

  1. anderswa Avatar

    wow. somewhat reminiscent of the predators logo:
    with big, pointy teeth…

    speaking of the bills, after watching highlights from week three i’m all for them going to their throwback unis and logo full time:

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