The Curse of Billy Penn

It just wouldn\’t be a baseball post-season if we didn\’t have a curse to talk about. Well, I\’m here to help. I was talking to my friend Roach last night. She\’s from Philly, and so we were talkin\’ Phillies, and she mentioned that even if they make the playoffs (they\’re a game out of the NL wild card at the time of this writing), they\’ve got city history to deal with. They\’ve got to beat the Curse of Billy Penn.

Now on the one hand, I\’m not necessarily a believer in curses. And on the other hand, the Cubs can just go on and keep losing as far as I\’m concerned, and let the billy goat take the blame if he must. That said, read about Billy Penn if you want, it\’s a pretty amusing curse, as curses go.

In addition, we\’re figuring that the curse is the most powerful one going, because Philly is the city with the longest championship drought amonsgt cities that have all four major sports. At least, I can\’t think of any that gone on for longer. Can you? Post guesses in the comments, and I\’ll try to refute them. Either way, it\’s clearly more work to stop four teams at once than to just focus on a baseball team, or a hockey team. Billy Penn, working hard to spite Philly fans for 23 years.

And counting…







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  1. alex Avatar

    Gotta love the wiki. I’m not sold on that ‘Bay Area’ designation, though. San Francisco, Oakland, *and* San Jose? I don’t think they’d all like being lumped together like that… although I suppose it is geographically accurate.

  2. monkey Avatar

    The lesson? Don’t f**k with Quakers.

  3. monkey Avatar

    I seem to recall most Bay-Area folks identifying as “Bay-Area”, but Oakland in particular was vehement about “East Bay”…

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