Give and Take

A snippet of dialogue from the cheap seats* at last night\’s Twins game.

wadE: \”Who\’s that #75 down in the bullpen?\”
Alex (helpfully): \”That\’s the bullpen catcher.\”
wadE (exasperated): \”Yeah, but what\’s his name?!\”
Wade and Alex (in unison): \”Amundson.\”
wadE: \”Ah yeah. It wasn\’t coming to mind. Didn\’t he explore the South Pole?\”
Alex (chuckling): \”Yes.\”
Wade (deadpan): \”Is that a euphemism for butt sex?\”

Yes, we\’re idiots.

*Actually the seats were really nice, courtesy of Michelle and her friend in the Royals\’ front office (thanks!). However, any seats where we reside are by default the cheap seats.







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  1. monkey Avatar

    I think I’m most suprised that you knew the bullpen catcher’s name. The rest of it doesn’t really faze me…

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