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So I was logging out of my hotmail account yesterday, which for those of you in the know ummm… know this… that the logout dumps your right to  While there I can\’t help but click on some of the trashy links, but one of them took me to CW TV.  If you go there today you get to see Alexis Bledel, but yesterday it had a promo for the new show \”Runaway\”, and the voice over said something like \”and now they\’ve moved to a house on Minnetonka Drive.  ???

For all of you management types out there.  When you are having some morale problems with your staff (they are over worked, have no time during the day that isn\’t taken up by meaningless meetings or creating redundant and useless status reports), don\’t think that scheduling a Potluck during the middle of the day is going to solve everything.

Nothing quite as cute as Dear Margo giving advice to an 11 year old girl.  At least she suggested the girl try sports… it could have been much worse.

Not that I\’m trying force feed you anything, but I highly recommend you make Ze Frank part of your daily routine, after your visit to of course!  And here\’s a catchy tune that you won\’t be able to get out of your head.

I can\’t believe I haven\’t read TMQ on a regular basis since his return to  Shame on me.  Let me highly recommend his latest column, specficially the section midway down under the title: Google CEO Has Good Taste in Literature:

Sadly I have to run.  I have mandatory management training that focuses on change, but I think I\’ll actually take notes, and there is probably an article to be written from it!  Stay tuned!







3 responses to “More Ramblings”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    wait… CW TV? did the WB rebrand itself? i’m confused.

    as far as morale goes, nothing makes people feel better about work than an open bar. or maybe that’s just me.

    and while i sometimes tire of TMQ’s inability to make a point without using 350 words, his non-sport (or quasi-sport) insights make his columns worthwhile.

  2. alex Avatar

    You had me at “Alexis Bledel”.
    You lost me at “I’m gay”.
    Oh wait…

  3. wadE Avatar

    The WB and UPN combined… or something…

    my company does not sponsor any events with alcohol, nor do we reimburse any consultants for any restaurant charges that include alcohol (you have to submit the itemzied restaurant receipt)… yeah, working for a not-for profit sucks ass sometimes… instead of open bar we get our VPs serving us breakfast once or twice a year. Oh whoopee!!! If you’re lucky in the summer we’ll get a box lunch picnic at the park across the street!

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