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a handful of interesting notes today, but because i\’m trying to be less ADD, we\’ll stick to one:  happen to catch Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip last night?  sara and i did, although nearly by accident:  we tuned in to NBC at 9, assuming we\’d see the season premiere of Medium– turns out that isn\’t starting until january.  so, we watched Studio 60 instead.  and it was flat-out  amazing.

firstly, i had wanted to watch this show because of the aaron sorkin connection.  (i\’d just spaced the fact that it was on last night, so actually seeing it was fortuitous– that means lucky.)  anyhoo, sorkin and producer thomas schlamme were responsible for sports night and much of the west wing, the former being top five in my all-time favorite shows, and my expectations were fairly high.  when the credits rolled at the end, i believe i started clapping and said \”woo hoo,\” (and only part of that was the rum) so you know what i thought of it.

i won\’t regurgitate the plot– you can read that on wikipedia or imdb.  i will tell you what i thought worked, though:

  • dialogue.  this is standard sorkin, but he\’s such a master.  you have to concentrate to make sure you don\’t miss anything, but it\’s so intelligent that it\’s worth the effort.
  • cast.  check it.  other than matthew perry (and arguably amanda peet), no huge names– but a lot of great actors.  speaking of…
  • perry.  i was pretty skeptical of his ability to be anyone beyond chandler bing (or mrs. chanandler bong).  he was chandler-like funny in a couple of spots, but also sold the dramatic bit really nicely.  impressive, and i look forward to seeing more.
  • intangibles.  (yes, i sound like mel kiper.)  the music fit the scenes nicely.  and- i rarely notice this- but the camera work was fantastic.  there\’s a scene near the end where perry and bradley whitford are about to address the cast and crew of the show, and there\’s a 360-degree spin around them that really worked.

if you missed the pilot, you can catch it tomorrow night on bravo at 10…







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  1. wadE Avatar

    Maybe I heard too much hype about the show… but I was completely underwhelmed last night. I too caught it by accident as I was flipping around during a break in that fantastic Steelers v. Jags game (gah, that was painfully sucky). I didn’t find that story line all that compelling… although given sorkin thing, I’m certain willing to watch more and see if it grows on me. All I’m saying is that the first show just didn’t do it for me. Wasn’t bad… just wasn’t as good as I had been told it would be.

    And maybe it’s just my jaded nature, but I’m finding characters who seem to know exactly what to say in every situation a little stupid… for example: Amanda Peet’s decision to hire Perry and Whitford… it was a little too clean… like she knew she was going to do that before the events of the evening unfolded…

  2. sparklegirl Avatar

    Have to agree with Mr. Anderson on this one. I didn’t *want* to like it. I mean, I need another weekly TV appointment like I need a hole in the head, and my husband really enjoys watching and mocking CSI: Miami, which is on at the same time. But since Sports Night is maybe my favorite TV show of all time, I can’t help it. Yes, yes, Matt and Bradley are yet another incarnation of Casey and Dan (which really means they’re another incarnation of Sorkin and Schlamme), but — I’ll admit it — I sometimes miss Casey and Dan.

  3. Brian Scott Avatar
    Brian Scott

    Wade Anderson, you just posted twice in two days. Is everything all right at home?

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