Net Neutrality, Part Deux

If you\’re wondering where part une is, that\’s here.

So I\’m sitting here at the computer desk, doing a few things, trying to ignore the fact that Joe Morgan is yet again babbling incoherently on my television, and a commercial comes on. I\’m not really listening to that, either, but something about it gets through. There\’s this hokey music, and people acting dumb, and the message that gets repeated several times is: Net Neutrality will cost YOU money!

And I\’m thinking: Huh. Cool. Somebody actually got together enough money to get an ad on national tv to fight the kind of idiocy that Sen. Stevens and his ilk have been shouting about for- wait a minute! That message is backwards!

Yes, I was slow on the uptake. To be fair, when you\’re trying to tune out Joe Morgan you have to go to extremes sometimes. The end result is frightening, though. I work with computers, I have a good knowledge of how the internet works, and yet that commercial had me going for a minute. I have concerns that others will take it seriously.

Aren\’t there truth in advertising laws? If the tiered internet system comes along can I sue my cable company if my bill increases at any point after that? I\’m tired of getting the shaft just so some CEO can make another million more than I\’ll ever make. I\’m getting too worked up about this, I need to relax… hey, there we go.



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