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I gotta tell y\’all: My Netflix queue is a mess. I have no idea what\’s gonna show up when I return something. I haven\’t even looked to see what\’s in there in a while. This isn\’t an excuse for the movie I\’m about to review, just a partly-related complaint about how my life is too damn busy these days. (So it\’s a small excuse for not writing very much at all.)

In any case, yes, I watched Final Fantasy: Advent Children recently. Yes, it\’s a movie based on a video game. Yes, this does make me an unapologetic fanboy. What can I say?

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All right, here\’s the down and dirty, the nitty gritty, and other such phrases. The movie\’s characters and setting are based on the extremely popular (for a video game) Final Fantasy VII, and I\’ll say one thing off the bat: Sure, it\’s animated, but the visuals are really, really good. Here, have some photographic proof:

As for the plot, it\’s obviously intended that this movie will appeal to only fans of the video game source material. You\’re supposed to know who all the characters are, and understand the basic plotline of what they did in the game (which is honestly pretty baffling, and I played the thing to completion). So starting from there, they added a nearly incomprehensible new plotline and did no further character development. If it sounds like I wasn\’t very impressed, well, I wasn\’t.

However, I did enjoy watching it from a \’this animation is really bitchin\’ standpoint, and like I said before, I\’ll have to call myself a fanboy – the entire concept interested me.

Final verdict: Not for everyone; In fact, not for all but a very few of us weirdos. That said, fewer Trents than you\’d think. I\’m gonna go with two.

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  1. anderswa Avatar

    decent graphics. i was expecting it to look a little more like this:

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