TMI: Minnesota Twins Edition

Here is a good example of the fine journalism that Jim Souhan is producing week in and week out since he was promoted to Sports Columnist.

Do we really need stories focused around a naked Mike Redmond walking through the club house?

If that wasn\’t enough, do we need stories about Redmond wearing a girdle?

I think those are the definition of Too Much Information.

Addendum: I think I posted this in the old forum, but for fun:








2 responses to “TMI: Minnesota Twins Edition”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    i don’t mind a puff piece from time to time. but it certainly seems like *all* of his stuff is pretty puffy.

    i get my quality sportswriter fix here:

  2. wadE Avatar

    I have checked out Bump’s Blog… although I’m not surprised that Barreiro couldn’t keep from being a columnist… while he’s good on the radio, he was made to write for a living.

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