VX2 and Look2Me

Sorry for the long absence, but I\’m afraid it might continue.  The latest crisis is that my home computer has been infected with some particularly nasty malware.

At first I found several viruses and a couple hundred pieces of malware, but I\’ve now got it thinned down to just two: VX2 and Look2Me. 

Unfortunately it appears that the variants of these two are so new, that no one seems to have an easy solution to remove them.  The forums I\’ve visited on these usually have instructions like:

Run [insert utility program here] and post the log file to the forum, and don\’t do anything until you get a response,
Now try running [insert different utility program here] and run step one and post the log file, BUT DO NOT RUN STEP 2 UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO!!!!
Ok, now go into your registry and remove [long list of registry entries] and re-run [second utility program] and re-post log file, DO NOT DO ANYTHING ELSE UNTIL YOU GET A RESPONSE!!!
Ok, now download [yet another utility program] and post the log file…

I think you get the picture here… nobody has a clue what to do. 

So I was up after midnight last night working on this just to come to the conclusion that the only way to get help is to play the post my log file game… wish me luck.

Here a link with an idea of what VX2 was like a couple years ago, I\’m guessing any info I\’m finding is woefully outdated with this new variant… I hope malware authors (and those how fund them) will find themself in one of the lower circles of hell when they die.

Wish me luck!







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