Baseball (and the money grubbing scum who run the league)

Have you read this?

Selig and the other idiots who run Major League Baseball won\’t be happy until they squeeze every last cent out of it, will they?

Where does this stop?  Will the newspapers have to pay to publish the boxscores?  Actually, maybe they do already, I don\’t even know. 

Will Selig hire a police force to crackdown on people talking about baseball without paying a fee to mention Pujols by name?

Maybe this can all be avoided by using the Tecmo method of referring to players by position and team (\”QB Raiders\”).  Of course the team mascot would be owned, so how about \”CF Minnesota\” or 3B New York (Bronx).

Only Baseball works this hard year after year to alienate their fans and try to run the game into the ground. 







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  1. Brian Avatar

    Wow. I can undertand the thinking a little bit – if someone is making a profit off of fantasy baseball, MLB could make the case that they are owed a cut. But really – what a way to screw over your fans.

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