Boo on us…

Several days without a post.  I wish I had a better excuse than work, but that\’s all I got.  Oh, and that I spent the entire weekend moving dirt from a giant pile in front of my garage to specific spots around the edge of my house in an effort to do some landscaping.

Unfortunately, much like the itsy-bitsy spider, the massive downpour that came through the mid-metro yesterday washed out several of my piles of dirt.  So now I have a lovely mudslide on the south side of my house.  Serves me right for nearly getting heat stroke on Sunday and not finishing my work. 

The lesson here is: never try.

In other news, only on can you hear the phrase, \”Like Emmanuel Lewis shot out of a cannon!\”

Like most everyone else, I\’m tired of weather people.  Yesterday morning the long term forcast was for temps around 90, then last night it was temps around 100, now it\’s back to temps around 90.  ???  I need a job with that kind of margin for error. 

Once again, Austin is in the news.  Why does it seem that the only time Austin makes the news is when it is something that should appear on the crime blotter?  Or an idiot kid gets stuck inside a toy machine…and he\’s addicted to meth.  I wonder if there are any bloggers who live in Austin…. sadly Yahoo says no.  That would have been entertaining.

To make Wade happy, quick go here before the headline changes.  If you didn\’t make it in time, it\’s the MLB page on espn, and it\’s all about the Twins. 

That\’s it for now.  I\’ve spent my only half hour of free time at work with all of you today, and I hope you appreciate it. 

Appreciate it!!! </shaking fist at you>







3 responses to “Boo on us…”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    drinking in the cemetery at night? *no*

    didn’t jason get kicked in the head by a deer in a cemetery? and didn’t he wake up with a fig newton in his hair?

  2. Alex Avatar

    All I can say is that the headstone damn well better not have been Starman’s, or there’ll be hell to pay.

  3. wadE Avatar

    Maybe it wasn’t a deer, but hooligans. I know he was so drunk he probably couldn’t tell the difference.

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