adios, harold

in case you\’ve missed it, baseball tonight has fired \”analyst\” harold reynolds for unnamed reasons.

i catch BT occasionally, and always found harold to be the least obnoxious of the former players providing insight.  (this is not a difficult achievement, given his competition includes the likes of john kruk and jeff brantley.)  deadspin commenters have a myriad of theories as to why harold got fired, but i\’m not concerned about that as much as i am about who will replace Reynolds on the BT panel.  My votes:

  • Felix Fermin
  • Rico Brogna
  • Gregg Jefferies
  • Tripp Cromer
  • Ed Sprague

anyone else have guesses?



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12 responses to “adios, harold”

  1. Alex Avatar

    Stubby Clapp
    Tim Spooneybarger
    Mark Lemke
    Claudell Washington

    I of course could go on and on…

  2. monkey Avatar

    “…have myriad theories…”
    It’s an adjective. And don’t let the dictionary tell you otherwise. Sorry — pet peeve.

  3. monkey Avatar

    …and maybe Harold called Eisner dirty names…

  4. anderswa Avatar

    > “…have myriad theories…”
    > It’s an adjective. And don’t let the dictionary tell you > otherwise. Sorry — pet peeve.

    really? wow, that’s never used correctly. and no worries on the correction, i tend to be a big stickler on grammar usage. 🙂

  5. alex Avatar

    Not to be a jerk, but that damn lying dictionary says myriad is both an adjective and noun, derived from the ancient Greek word which meant a hundred thousand. I know you said not to let it tell me otherwise, but it did. What can I say, I’m weak.

  6. anderswa Avatar

    update: an inappropriate… hug?

  7. alex Avatar

    Wade didn’t that guy Larry give you an inappropriate hug on last year’s bar crawl? You could totally get that guy canned… from… his job as… local… drunkard. Nevermind.

  8. monkey Avatar

    Yeah, I’m aware of the dictionary. Does anybody (Al, I’m looking at you and your school library) have access to an Oxford English Dictionary? I’m curious what they say. Seems they’re pretty immune to the contamination of ‘modern usage’…
    Oh, and since this is a Harold post, um… yeah. My new über-corporate ethics and conduct training actually hasn’t touched on sexual harassment yet. Must be yet to come…

  9. sparklegirl Avatar

    At the risk of outing myself as a total grammar nerd, I will confess that I begged for and received an OED as a high school graduation gift. And:

    A n 1 Chiefly Class. Hist. A unit of ten thousand. M16 2a In pl. Countless numbers, hosts, (of). M16. b A countless number, a host (of). E18

    B adj. 1a With pl. n.: existing in myriads of indefinitely great number; countless, innumerable. Chiefly literary. L18 b With sing. n.: consisting of myriads; having countless aspects or phases. Chiefly literary.

    Etc. 🙂

    Oh, no real thoughts on the Harold thing. Sorry.

  10. monkey Avatar

    Well, sparklegirl, you’re in good company. Grammar-obsessed company, that is. And as soon as I see a copy of the OED in a used bookstore, it’ll be on my shelf. By the way, you have the compact, two-volume version, right? Not the twenty-some volume one right? Right?

  11. wadE Avatar

    One more correction, Eisner stepped down (read: was forced out) from Disney last year… rumor has it that he’s going to have a talk show or something… MSNBC maybe?

    so Monkey, would you have prefered “a myriad of…” ?

  12. sparklegirl Avatar

    Hey, monkey. Yes, it’s “The New Shorter Oxford.” I covet the other (which a prof of mine found at a garage sale for like $100 or something–amazing).

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