Testing Grounds Challenge – Facial Recognition

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Facial Recognition Test

I got 27 out of 30 on the Famous Faces Test, and only one of those did I truly not have any idea on. Who\’s going to better me?

Link found via Audrey at LowConcept.



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6 responses to “Testing Grounds Challenge – Facial Recognition”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    29. i think i got easy ones, though. (and i almost blanked on the real name of mr. bean!)

  2. alex Avatar

    Well, I have two opinions on that. I think they were purposely ‘easy’, and that I’m a little annoyed by the fact that I consider a lot of those ‘easy’.

  3. wadE Avatar

    29 as well… I thought a certain somebody was christian slater… oops…
    I should retake and say I’m from a different country… I did like that even the US/Canada one had a couple of UK folks mixed in. (probably for Canada’s benefit) 🙂
    Do I get bonus points for calling him Black Adder instead of Mr. Bean?

  4. wadE Avatar

    I took the Old Face/New Face test as well. Scored 82%. Average is 85%. It was tougher than I thought it would be.

  5. monkey Avatar

    Yeah, I hit 28, missing Seinfeld (bet I’m the only one) and Blair. Took a while to get from Black Adder to Rowan Atkinson. Do I get bonus points for correctly spelling Schwartzenegger?

  6. Brian Avatar

    I only got 25. I missed Seinfeld too. And Jennifer Aniston. And Tony Blair. And Margaret Thatcher. And one other. But I swear the pic they have for seinfeld makes him look more like john travolta than anyone else.

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