The Evolution of Dance

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First of all, where\’s the love for NKOTB? He couldn\’t have worked in even a little bit of Hangin\’ Tough?

But hey, that\’s just a quibble. This is great stuff, in a strangely fascinating sort of way. I\’d also suggest that if anyone wanted to learn to mimic this routine, that it\’d be a great weight loss program. Only six minutes a day… I\’d offer to try it myself, but I\’m afraid I\’d be likely to pull or wrench something.

Oh, and I\’d be remiss if I didn\’t also point out that this was recommended to me by my barber. He seemed surprised that I hadn\’t seen it yet. And if that\’s not a sign of the times, I don\’t know what is.



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3 responses to “The Evolution of Dance”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    you don’t go to austin to get your hair cut, do you?

    i’m not knocking it– i finally had the guts to leave mark last september. i’m really afraid of running into him when i’m down there– he has to know that i’m with someone else now.

  2. alex Avatar

    No, I take a half hour drive to uptown to go to the local barber shop by where I used to live. Great barber – I go maybe three times a year and he still recognizes me. Glenn’s on 36th and Bryant if you’re interested. (Although the barber himself is Dan – Glenn’s son.)

  3. wadE Avatar

    although I hear you don’t want to get Glenn… he’s like the Enzo of barbers…


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