josie\’s on a vacation far away / come around and talk it over

that\’s right.

the outfield.

specifically, the outfield of the minnesota baseball twins has changed dramatically over the past 72 hours.  to wit:

which leaves the team with cuddy in right, tyner in left, and a platoon of nicky p. and rondell white in center.

please stop and read that last sentence again. 

while it goes without saying, this is not a good thing for a team who is desperately chasing a wild card spot.  no one should have expected anything else from stew, who has played his last game for the twins.  but losing torii hurts, especially when his replacement is punto/white.  although, to be fair:  a) punto in center is getting gardy closer to his dream of fielding all positions with light-hitting middle infielders, and 2) rondell has hit a home run in every game since his return to the lineup from the disabled list.  tyner has looked decent, but can you really trust a former devil ray as a corner outfielder?  especially one whose career OPS is .604?

the next week or two will prove whether terry ryan and the team are willing to contend this season, or throw in the towel and trade veterans (stewart, lohse, maybe hunter?) for prospects.  souhan says that the team wouldn\’t dare trade someone like hunter for prospects after having their new stadium approved.  i say that souhan must not have been following this team as long as i have.

but the aforementioned devil rays swim (float? paddle?) into town tonight for a four-game set, and there\’s really no better feeling for a baseball fan than seeing that on the schedule.  hopefully we don\’t lose any more outfielders, otherwise we may have to quickly find out where this guy ended up.







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  1. alex Avatar

    Finally made it over to the Souhan piece – I think his first two reasons were a lot more plausible (I agree with you on the third).

    As for finding Buck – just follow the smell of bologna.

  2. anderswa Avatar

    hmm. maybe it’s not a bad thought:

    Former Twin Brian Buchanan went 5-for-5 and drove in a team-record nine runs as the St. Paul Saints defeated the St. Joe Blacksnakes 12-5 in an American Association game on Thursday night at Midway Stadium.
    Buchanan tied a team record with three doubles and hit a two-run homer as the Saints improved to 36-25 overall, 7-6 in the season’s second half.

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