The 80s Are Back & Dog Climbs Tree

You know the old saying \”Everything comes back into style\”?

Well the 80s are definitely back these days.  Leggings are making a comeback, bubble skirts, and even a war in Lebanon.

You flip on the news today and you\’d swear it was 1983.  I\’m waiting for the corpse of Yassir Arafat to climb out of his grave in his green fatigues and stylish hat. 

This couldn\’t happen at a worse time for Lebanon.  They finally kicked Syria out of their country, it was finally returning to the beautiful Meditteranean country it was, and Beirut was poised to reclaim its title of \”Paris of the Middle East\” (yes, I\’m serious).

I\’m just concerned that Ron Reagan might run for office now, and what if synth music also comes back?

Truly frightening…



On a completely unrelated topic, one of my dogs climbed a tree this morning.  You see we have an albino squirrel in our neighborhood, and besides being rare, it also seems to really catch the eye of my pups.  This morning Luna decided to chase the squirrel on the walk, and when it went up a tree, that wasn\’t enough to stop Luna.  She hopped up to where the tree forks, and when the squirrel retreated further, she scampered up to another fork in the tree.  It\’s not natural for a 15 pound dog to be in a tree, let alone 10 feet up.







2 responses to “The 80s Are Back & Dog Climbs Tree”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    so, how did the L-dogg get down? don’t leave us hanging? (pun strongly intended.)

  2. blondebombchelle Avatar

    She jumped down the same way she went up. The funniest part of this incident was the look on the squirrel’s face.

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