Nigerian Scam

I seem to recall writing about this topic before, but can\’t find it… regardless, it\’s a new take on the age old Internet Scam topic.  There are various cyber-vigilante groups out there who respond to those emails you get from Nigeria where some person asks for money.  One site in particular is:

The best part is the forum where they post text of their fun… Here\’s a good entry that will keep you laughing.

ADDENDUM: Quick addition for a link to Jon Stewart on Net Neutrality.







3 responses to “Nigerian Scam”

  1. alex Avatar

    No offense wadE*, but you’ve really gotta work on your Google technique. Link.
    *(Offense actually intended.)

  2. wadE Avatar

    shame on me… I didn’t think it was 2003… I thought it was last year…

  3. alex Avatar

    Well they do all kind of run together. (Seriously.)

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