See, even with our new fancy schmancy website we all can find a good reason not to post anything on a given day.  Hopefully days like yesterday will be the exception… 

At any rate, on with the ramblings…

One really good reason for me to rent Brokeback Mountain this week:
The 23-year-old actress (Anne Hathaway), who got her big break as a klutzy teen in \”The Princess Diaries\” opposite legend Julie Andrews, has graduated to more serious roles. She was a feisty cowgirl — and even appeared topless — in last year\’s \”Brokeback Mountain,\” and stars alongside another acting luminary, Meryl Streep, in \”The Devil Wears Prada.\”

I heard this morning that since Jose Contreras just pitched, he won\’t be able to play in the All-Star game so there is a manhunt going on for Twins pitcher Francisco Liriano.  Apparently David Ortiz called Liriano\’s brother in Venezula because Francisco had gone home for some R&R and his cell phone doesn\’t get good reception. 

There is a chance the mercury will top 100 degrees this weekend in the Twin Cities.  The last time that happened?  July 13, 1995.  Seems like it\’s been less than 11 years since it\’s been that hot.

Have you heard about the four-story building in New York that blew up?  I love that the President\’s Press Secretary had to go on record to say they didn\’t believe it was terrorism.  Are we that paranoid?

I shouldn\’t be surprised that it isn\’t getting much press here in the states, but can you believe what French soccer great Zidane did in overtime of the World Cup finals?  Here is how it would look if it was done Mortal Kombat style.

From the \”She\’s a Witch!\” department

As much as I love baseball, and have enjoyed the home-run derby… is it just me or is it turning into the MLB equivalent of the Slam-Dunk contest?  Or maybe Ryan Howard will be a slugger we\’ll be talking about for years.

Jackie Chan… Drunken Jackass

Back to the Derby: While I\’m not one to argue with a well respected ESPN.com reporter, but isn\’t it possible that the best home run hitter doesn\’t always win the derby?  On top of that isn\’t it probably the most players don\’t maintain their number throughout the year, and aren\’t there a ton of players who hit 7 home runs before the All-Star break and then break out for double that (or more) afterwards?  Let\’s not invent a new baseball curse just because the Soxs\’ have won the Series the last couple of years.

Will GW Bush become the new Teflon President?  What happened to that whole thing about illegal wiretaps.  And what about the latest setback to the administration when the Supreme Court ruled against them with regard to the Gitmo detainees?  Seriously… Clinton gets impeached for a BJ (well, lying about it at least), and W doesn\’t so much as have to apologize for crushing the Bill of Rights of Americans and \”enemy combatants\”, plus he starts a war under false pretenses.  Wow… America, what a country!

I thinking I should be glad I haven\’t heard of this before stumbling across it.  Jason Newstead… are you still glad you left Metallica? 

Based on the little I\’ve seen on VH1 of the Metallica soap opera, he probably is still glad he left.  When did Lars and James become such primadonnas?

Have you noticed that the tabloid magazines have jumped on the Da Vinci Code bandwagon declaring everything from who is related to Jesus to the end of days is coming?  Actually, it\’s more the tabloids that normally have headlines like \”Alien Abducts Family, Anal-Probed Hilarity Ensues\”… Is there a distinction in nomenclature for the difference between those tabloids and the ones that focus on trying to get a picture of Lindsay Lohan buying groceries?

When all else fails, you can always rely on The Onion.







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  1. alex Avatar

    Actually, I think Zizou has gotten plenty of press here in the US. I even caught a clip of the headbutt on the Daily Show last night. It was an unmistakably dumb move on his part, but I think all the people writing that he’s “tarnished his legacy” are only doing so because it’s the easy thing to say. He’s a great player, he’s human, you could do so much more with the story than just pigeonhole it as “this is the only moment he’ll be remembered for”. Hell, Tyson bit off an ear, and while that stands out, it’s not the only thing he’ll be remembered for.

    And I’ll take the blame for the weather this weekend. We’ve got a frisbee tournament out in Maple Plain, so naturally that’ll be the hottest weekend of the summer.

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