Forgiveness Please!

Hey Folks.

We\’ve switched our comments to the built-in system (trying to streamline things around here a bit), and I\’m sorry to say in the process I destroyed all your old comments.  At least we\’ve only been up and running for a week.  All new posts going forward will have comments open, and when I get time I\’ll go back and turn \’em on for the old posts, so you can go back and re-live the glory of past conversations (if you so choose).

For now we\’ll have the only requirement be to provide name and email address to post.  If the SPAM gets to be too much, we\’ll put something more onerous in place.

Carry on.  (and thanks for your patience.)







One response to “Forgiveness Please!”

  1. monkey Avatar

    Jeez. That’s it. I’m never leaving another comment. Oh, crap.

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