Dan Serafini

Oh good grief.

Found the following link via Deadspin, for the record:


Gotta hand it to that crack staff at the Good Neighbor. I\’d seen a few of his comments at Deadspin, checked out his blog, and gotten a chuckle that anyone, anywhere, would name anything after Dan Serafini. Did I ever think for one moment that this person was actually Mr. Serafini? No. In fact, it was really pretty damn obvious that it wasn\’t.

Then again, who\’s to say that this anonymous man didn\’t pitch for the \’97 Twins? They were so bad, it wouldn\’t have mattered.



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  1. anderswa Avatar

    i’d assume someone, somewhere has sent this to thompson at ‘cco already. right?

    semi-related… that ’97 rotation was a nightmare, wasn’t it? radke, rich robertston (!), tewksbury, laTwah, and scott aldred…

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