a vast right-wing conspiracy

a.j. pierzynski. you know him. unless you\’re a fan of the chicago white sox, you probably don\’t like him. GQ once rated him as the 9th most hated athlete in sports. a.j. himself has said that:

\”I get booed everywhere. It doesn\’t matter to me, I just laugh at it. The only place I don\’t get booed as loud as someone is Cleveland where (Jim) Thome gets booed louder than me. I\’m used to it now. I laugh at. Most people don\’t even know why they\’re booing. They just hear someone boo, so they go along.\”

so it makes complete sense that he gets voted in as the \”Fan Favorite\” for the 2006 All-Star Game. right?

i\’m not normally a conspiracy guy; in general, i think that\’s giving too much credit to people for coordination and, in general, getting their shit together. however, think about it from the perspective of Major League Baseball and FOX– would you rather have a young, decent, but relatively unknown pitcher and (maybe) toss 2/3rds of an inning? or, instead, perhaps the biggest lightning rod in baseball? just think of the promos. Will A.J. Get Punched? How Will the A.L. Squad Deal With a Confirmed Clubhouse Cancer on their Roster? What Happens if A.J. is Playing Cards in the Locker Room Instead of Warming Up Pitchers? the mind boggles at the opportunities.

anyway. liriano got hosed, and i\’m sure it\’s legit. i\’m just bitter.



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