you leave town for four days…

…and when you come back your website is totally different. all for the better, imho, but i may be biased.

i spent the last few days at a family reunion (sara\’s mom\’s side) in colorado springs, co. despite driving for over 18 hours today to get home, i still have the mental wherewithal to make the following observations about the trip:

  1. austin may smell badly once or twice a day, but nebraska and colorado smell like that all day long.
  2. people in north-central iowa are big believers in wind power.
  3. sterling, CO, is in the midst of celebrating JULY DAY\’Z [sic]
  4. nebraska: no professional sports teams = no sports talk radio (and, using the transitive property, = a long six-hour stretch for our hero)
  5. the following exchange was breathtaking:
    • MIL: (at McDonalds for a quick road breakfast) I really don\’t want anything greasy…
    • Our hero: I really think that\’s the wrong attitude for a place like this…

yep. that\’s about it for now. i have more thoughts but, now that i don\’t have to compose said thoughts amongst HTML tags in textpad, you may see them sooner rather than later….






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