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Ahhhhh… these new digs here at SP, while unfamiliar, are pretty snazzy . So let\’s try and get comfortable with a familiar style of entry…

Go here, and come back.

I found this article quite interesting. Mostly because I firmly believe that baseball can be used as a metaphor for life, but it does not get much less transparent than the score of this ballgame. Republicans 12, Dems 1.

I think there is a lot that can be taken from this article. The most obvious is that the Democrats stink at baseball. But the fact that the Republican team is 10 years younger is very telling. Isn\’t the GOP supposed to be the team of old white men? The current crop of reigning (and I use the term loosely) Dems are getting old, very old. Much like good old Martin Olav Sabo himself. Where is the young blood in the democratic party?

Another startling item is that Heath Shuler is running for Congress. Sure, the GOP gets Steve Largent… and the Dems get Heath Shuler. Figures…

Lastly is the new strategy of the Dems manager, Pennsylvania Democrat Mike (Mad Dog) Doyle. No longer will Marty\’s little-league philosophy of \”you\’ve got to find a way to get everyone in the game\” be followed. Much like the prevailing sentiment in politics these days, in and out of the beltway, there is no longer a sense of involvement and cooperation.

Of all places shouldn\’t it be politics where it truly isn\’t about winning and losing? Shouldn\’t it be how you played the game?

While Marty wasn\’t much of a coach (career .278 winning percentage), he sure played the game real well.







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