Cathy and Your Tax Dollars

\”Dilbert has some time-saving information for Wally, who finds it too taxing to believe, and Cathy encounters a little chaos trying to find stamps.

Not to worry, though. The U.S. Postal Service is on the way to save the day. A little dramatic, perhaps. But these are comic strips, after all.\”

So I\’m guessing perhaps that many of you have also gotten a few of these in the mail, and I can\’t decide if my reaction is anger or apathy. Either way, it\’s not quite the response I\’m guessing the USPS had in mind. More spittle from me, and more photographic goodness, after the jump.

Unfortunately, I think I missed the initial March postcard when I moved, since they\’ve promised seven cards, and I only have three in four months. Umm… damn.

I\’ll tell you what does bother me, though. The USPS is too damn cheap to host the cartoon strips on their website. Check out the bottom of their little propaganda sheet I linked up there. They\’ll send you a PDF of the strips if you call a phone number? A phone number that\’s not even toll-free?! Nice. Very high tech.

Anyway, here are the cards that I got and scanned. Consider it my bit of patriotism for the 4th this year, unless I blow something up in wadE\’s backyard. We\’ll see.







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