Welcome In.

We have a new home. Please, wipe your feet. Better yet, everyone please remove your shoes. But do come in.

The very observant among you are no doubt noticing the new look. We\’ve moved into the 21st century and are allowing some automated software solutions to take the place of the hand-coded and abacus-aided way we ran the site before.

There\’ll still be some dust around the place for the near future, but before you know it we\’ll be offering you daily content and plenty of reasons to keep coming back. Frankly, we\’re really very excited.

And since I\’m here, I\’ll make a little announcment. The 6th Annual Austin Bar Crawl went off without a hitch last weekend. We\’ll have a recap up just as soon as is humanly possible. It\’s my favorite article of the year, and this year should be quite good.

So welcome in, welcome in. We\’re glad you\’re here.







2 responses to “Welcome In.”

  1. Alex Avatar

    This is a test comment to check system functionality. I sound like a dweeb.

  2. Alex Avatar

    Second test. For IE in Windows. Just because it’s (IE is) such a fickle b*$ch about html.

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