Happy Anniversary!!!

- wadE

"What a long strange trip it's been." Not only the number one yearbook quote of all time, it's also quite apropos for the last two years.

The 15th of November marks the 2nd anniversary of simpleprop.com. Not to brag, but I'm awfully proud of our site. 2003 has been a banner year at simpleprop. After 2002 I had high hopes for our site, but I couldn't have imagined this:

year:  #reqs: #pages: 
----: ------: ------: 
2001:   1335:    202: 
2002:  62359:   8406: 
2003: 265625:  40154:

With a month and a half left in the year, we've got an outside chance at 50,000 pages served up! We aren't maxing out our bandwidth with those numbers, but it is still a great feeling.

The main reason in the increased traffic is the creation of The Daily Gambit. Back in January we decided to move to daily content to keep the site fresh and to give our readers something new each weekday, thus the Daily Gambit was born. While we took the summer off, to date we have over 160 gambits!

Another reason for the increased traffic was the creation of the simpleprop.com forum. The forum is a BB that allows guests and registered users alike to post questions, comments, really anything for all to read and comment on. If you haven't stopped by, please check it out.

The third reason is the humble googlebot. After finally getting onto the list of sites that Google (and others) crawl, we're listed just about everywhere. So a special thanks to all of the search engines out there (except for Lycos who still doesn't list a damn thing on us) for bringing our special brand of sarcasm and social commentary to all corners of the world.

And I do mean all corners of the world...just this month:

-----: ------: ------
   47:  0.35%: .uy (Uruguay)
   58:  0.38%: .us (United States)
  479:  3.81%: .org (Non Profit Making Organisations)
  108:  0.44%: .mil (USA Military)
   56:  0.81%: .uk (United Kingdom)
  578:  7.23%: .edu (USA Higher Education)
   64:  0.38%: .ca (Canada)
 2294: 27.70%: .net (Networks)
 5413: 36.58%: .com (Commercial)

Not including other months when we've had hits from Australia, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, (my personal favorite) the Seychelles, Japan, and many more.

Thanks to Alex's obsession with Sue Bird, Wade's obsession with music, and my obsession with Saturday Night Live we've kept thousands of people from doing their work all over the world, and we're damn proud of that!

Although I'm still concerned on the various ways people find their way to our website. Most recently:

   12: winona rider shoplifting
   12: herb carneal
   11: cache:ipz4tqfs1nuj:www.simpleprop.com/anderswa/070703mixtapes.html explain mixtapes
   10: 10 hardest things to do in sports
    8: hardest thing to do in sports
    8: barney fife
    6: masturbate 35w
    5: hardest things to do in sports
    5: naproxen buzz
    4: gambit archive
    4: playoffs
    4: a simple prop to occupy my time
    4: best cds ever
    4: nascar isn't a sport
    3: everybody needs a little time away
    3: what qualifies as a sport
    3: kirsten dunst
    3: chief wahoo
    3: gremlins cereal
    3: sue bird
    2: brian fellow's safari planet pictures
    2: hardest thing to do in sports
    2: matt spillum
    2: everybody needs a little time away
    2: brian fellow's safari planet
    2: slimer
    2: we're gonna win twins
    2: tina fey lesbian
    2: saturday night live cajun man skit
    2: nascar isn't a sport
    1: three prisoners five hats
    1: tracy morgan brian fellow's picture
    1: sweetchuck police academy picture
    1: morweena banks
    1: fly girl definition
    1: classic activision games
    1: playoffs
    1: william perry the fridge celebrity boxing
    1: i drive a dodge stratus will ferrell

Enough of the boring statistics, let's take an Oscar-style look back at the last year of SP-dom!

Best Movie Review: wadE for X-Men 2
Why? Because it's the only one of the past year!

Best Rambling Article: Wade for What I'm Thankful For
"This next song is all about my love of hardcore, barely-legal pornography." - Will Ferrell as Neil Diamond

Best Topical Article: Wade for State of the Union '03
Don "Penin" Shula... That's gold Jerry, gold!

Best Personal Article: Alex for Alex is single
Mostly because after writing the article, he was quickly cured of his singleness. Remind me to write an article titled, "wadE is poor".

Best Thought-provoking Article: wadE for Book Review: The Baby Boon
How Family-Friendly America Cheats The Childless - interesting stuff whether you agree or not.

Funniest Article: wadE, Wade, and Alex for 3rd Annual Austin Bar Crawl
This might be a perennial winner, mostly because we have such a good time doing the bar crawl, and then reliving it for all of you.

Worst Article: wadE for This Article
Again, a perennial winner. This one is even worse than last year!

Best Article: (drumroll please.....) wadE for Live From New York, It's Saturday Night!
There is no stopping this article. Last month alone it had 369 hits, one more than the entire gambit directory! It is consistently the top page in terms of number of hits each month. And a damn fine piece of work by yours truly! (with help from an accompanying article by Wade)

But seriously, I want to thank all of our regular readers (all 10 of them), anyone who emailed any of us (even if it was to call me names for not liking Golden Tee) we very much appreciate the feedback, and most of all Wade and Alex. Push for 100,000 hits next year guys?

I'd also like to thank my parents, God (Jehovah, Buddah, Allah, Vishnu, Zeus), my personal savior (Chelle & Jesus), Al Gore (for inventing the internet), ummm...oh oh, here comes the orchestra, time for me to go!

- 11/15/2003

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