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First things first, there was no significant fallout from yesterday's Opening Day Extravaganza. Yes, Wade and I (and Chelle) had a pre-game gimlet, but just one, and at no point did Wade get surly enough to pour beer on anyone. wadE did spill mustard on his jeans, prompting me to proclaim him Lord MustardQuad (don't ask), but other than that it was a fun time all 'round, and the Twins won.

The other thing I'd like to cover today is wadE's recent feature on the face-recognition demo running over at MyHeritage.Com. I applaud his grunt work, but my initial thought was that I really would have used different pictures of myself. Sure, he did turn up some great results, in that I've actually been told that I look like Ed Norton, and Colin Farrell isn't a stretch in any way since we're both hairy monkeys. But still...

So as a baseline, since wadE'd used the other two pictures on the About Us page, I ran mine. The results, in order: Pedro Martinez, Goran Ivanisevich, Ashley Olsen, Michael Vartan, Bing Crosby, Jim Morrisson. Umm... what? Pedro? Didn't figure I looked too much like a Dominican with an afro. But that's good to know that I could claim to be related to him someday and have plausible proof.

People have told me in the past that (in addition to Norton) that I look like Robert DeNiro, Ben Affleck, and yes, Joey Fatone. I ran other photos of myself, but none of them came up. I did get Hasselhoff. J Edgar Hoover. Brezhnev. Sandra Bullock.

So to switch things up I ran a picture of one of my ex girlfriends. (No Wade, apparently Matt Kinney is not in their database. Shut up.) Her first results seemed rather plausible... Julia Roberts... Darryl Hannah... I'm thinking yeah, that's cool, she's a cute girl. Third result? Charles De Gaulle. Hmm, not so flattering.

Finally, I took the most recent picture of myself that I have. It was taken at work, so I'm clean-shaven, wearing a tie, it's almost a headshot. I figure, this one will tell me who I most look like right now.

Apparently, it's Elisha Cuthbert.

Now granted, I'm flattered, but that's a puzzling result. So take all of this with a grain of salt, but I will vouch for the fact that is a great way to waste an hour or two.

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