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So I was watching VH1's "Best Week Ever" the other morning... why? Well, I must admit, I kinda like that show.

I watched the first epiode a few years ago (I seem to recall they started in Feb, right after the Superbowl, but I could be mistaken) and it was on the heels of all the "I Love The (insert your own decade here)", and I figure it was VH1's way of documenting everything for the next "I Love The 00s"... but I digress...

I was watching this morning and they briefly mentioned a site called which has a feature that will take a picture you upload and match who you look like to a celebrity. And since Wade is convinced he looks like George Clooney, I thought this would be a great scientific way to prove once and for all if it's true. Additionally, one of the few true gifts I have in this world is to look at someone and say "you know, you kinda look like so-and-so"; so this is right up my alley. I once ruined a relationship for Jason when I told him that his girlfriend looked like Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins...sadly I was right, but in a cute girl sorta way.

Unfortunately the only way this talent could have paid as a career is if ESPN's Page 2 had a staff member for the "Here's Looking At You" section where they compare pictures of sports stars and celebrities... but I digress again...

On additional side note: I think the reason they put this feature out is to use it to analyze pictures of your relatives, or some such nonsense, please... we are a vain society. The percentage of people who want to see if their sister really looks like their great-grandma is so slim... we all want to be famous, and if that means we can at least resemble someone famous... well so be it! Regardless it's ingenious marketing!!!

To be fair, I'll start with myself:

My best match was Holly Hunter at 64%. Julia Louis Dreyfus matched at 51%. Carl Lewis at 48%. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Bridget Fonda at 50%. Ok, maybe this isn't so scientific after all... but I always thought I'd be a very pretty woman! Dennis Hopper and Jennifer Aniston round it out at 47%.

Actually, I'm guessing it's that particular photo of me, let's try another. (yes, I am always wearing tuxes in photos)

Paul Walker at 72%, Mark Ruffalo at 62%, Prince Harry at 60%, Christian Slater at 60% (people have told me before that I look like Christian Slater... this was many many years ago so at the time it was meant as a compliment... I think), Mark Owen at 56 (who I think is a singer from the UK), Harry Belfonte at 52, and Dominic Mongahan at 51. Only one woman this time, Shiri Appleby 53 (not bad).

Ok, one more, without me in a tux:

I got Mark Owen again at 67%. Alicia Silverston at 64% and Christian Slater at 53%. Although I should mention that I did get Brad Pitt at 47%, but Marc Anthony too (eek!).

In case you were wondering, Chelle got Sarah Jessica Parker at 68% and Christian Slater at 67%. I guess Chelle and I do look a lot alike! She also got Sheryl Crow at 63%, Ashely Olson at 60%, and Minnie Driver at 58%. Oddly enough they couldn't find a match for Solei... I think she looks like Chloe Sevigny.

Just to fully vet this process I did a few more pictures with some interesting results:

John Ritter: Actually I had always thought I looked a little like him.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Came up on all but 2 of the pics I tried.

Brad Pitt, Jim Carrey, Prince Harry, and Holly Hunter all came up a few time.

Ok, while not 100% accurate, I feel pretty confident that it's in the ballpark if you have enough different pictures to get a good sampling. Although I'm shocked I didn't get Mark McGwire. Maybe he's not in their database.

Ok, found a picture of McGwire and put it in. He doesn't appear to be in their database, but one match was Christian Slater!

Let move on and now let's take a look at Alex:

Colin Farrel at 57%, Al Gore at 52% (Well, maybe if Alex shaved off his eyebrows he might look a little like Al Gore), Edward Norton at 49%, then Mark Wahlberg and David Schwimmer rounding it out at 48%. Alex must be more masculine looking than me because he only got one woman... Mother Theresa at 51%.

Let's try one more Alex:

David Schwimmer (must be the eyebrows) at 50% and Alec Baldwin at 45%... and a bunch of people I don't know.

I can see a little resemblance there...

I did a few others and got a mixed bag of results. There always seems to be one random asian guy who ranks in the 60th percentile, otherwise I got a couple of Mark Wahlbergs for some of the other photos, a John Cusack, and a Rowan Atkinson on the photo I found of Alex clean shaven!

Hey, at least Joey Fatone didn't come up!

Finally, let's see what comes up for Wade:

Wade gets Gene Kelly at 60%, Daniel Day Lewis at 58%, Ah-nuld at 53%...

How about this:

Clark Gable at 64%, Ed Norton at 64%, Renee Zellweger at 63%, Marlon Brando at 57%, and Hilary Clinton at 56%. Not the most flattering.

So let's try this:

Dominic Monaghan at 61%, Jason Biggs and Lars Ulrich at 57%, and Paul McCartney at 54%. And in case you were wondering, Jason got: Dave Mustane at 72% and Bob Dylan at 61%.

You know, these aren't the most Clooney-esque of pictures of Wade, let's try this:

Whoa... Samantha Fox at 71%. I'm guess that might be due to her feathered hair and the feather boa Wade is wearing. Riiight... feathered boa...

Ok, let's just make sure that Clooney is in their database:

And he was, that exact picture even. 100% match. Sorry Wade.

The good news is that on the 15+ pics I put in you got several Gene Kellys, which isn't bad. You also had a lot of music related matches. Besides Lars Ulrich you got a Cliff Burton from Metallica also. You had Paul McCartney, Kurt Cobain, and Duke Ellington too!

This was probably your best picture though:

Kurt Russel at 64%, Adam Brody at 62%, Johnny Depp at 60%, Ashton Kutcher at 59%, then Elvis, Carson Daly, and Josh Hartnett at 57%. Not too shabby.

Well, we didn't solve the age old question of whether Wade could pass for George Clooney to anyone other than a really drunk college girl, but that doesn't mean all is lost. My challenge to Wade is the find his most Clooney-eque photo and give it a try!

- 04/10/2006

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