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So people like Alex will try and tell you that the real real Opening Day for Twins Fans was a week ago in Toronto, but the real real real Opening Day is today, The Home Opener!

And especially after starting the season 1-5, the Twins need any excuse to reset and start anew.

Your favorite SP-ers will all be in attendance at the Dome this evening. We'll have a side bet going on how many runs Radke will give up in the first. I've set the over/under at 2. You can double your money if you correctly pick the number of home runs he gives up in the first inning (those in the know are betting heavily on 3).

The Twins have played about as well as I had expected for the first week of the season. Decent pitching followed up by some horrible horrible at bats. One of my favorite at bats of the season has to be Morneau's final at bat in the 2nd Cleveland game. He looked like he couldn't get out of there fast enough. Wickman could have thrown the ball in the dugout and Morneau would have swung.

To illustrate my point, let's see how the team is batting so far:

Minnesota Twins Team Batting Statistics (Average and OBP)
Shannon Stewart .360 .385
Torii Hunter .208 .240
Justin Morneau .208 .208
Rondell White .091 .120
Joe Mauer .300 .333
Tony Batista .125 .222
Luis Castillo .250 .368
Juan Castro .357 .400
Jason Kubel .083 .154

Who would have thought that along with Sexy Stew and Joe Mauer, Juan Castro would be a bright spot offensively? I should also point out that Luis Rodriguez has hit more home runs than Rondell White, who may not be any better than Jose Canseco would be at this point. Additionally, keep in mind that these numbers are actually inflated by the one win where the Twins picked up 16 hits and 13 runs.

But let's not focus on all the doom and gloom, it's early, anything can happen. Let's focus on Opening Night, where the season is still fresh and wide open.

"We're gonna win Twins we're gonna score... we're gonna win Twins, watch that baseball soar!..."

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