New State Fair Foods for 2014

The Minnesota State Fair has updated their website with the new foods for 2014. In years past (2012, 2011, 2010 Day 1 / 2010 Day 2) I\’ve posted my thoughts on the food, and I plan to do the same this year.

I don\’t recall why I didn\’t post last year… besides sheer laziness. I do recall that nothing excited me last year, and this year at first glance seems to follow suit.

Bacon Wrapped Turkey Leg – I can\’t believe this hasn\’t been done before. How could this have been overlooked? This is a country that invented the Turkducken, then invented the bacon wrapped turducken. Such a no-brainer. Won\’t even need to try this. It\’ll be good.

Beer Gelato – Beer… Gelato… Any questions? Not something I\’m particularly interested in, but I\’m sure it will be popular.

Bison Dog – As a regular customer of Eichten\’s Bison this doesn\’t do anything for me. But if you haven\’t had Buffalo/Bison before, get some!

Blue Cheese & Corn Fritz – Corn fritters stuffed with blue cheese? What\’s not to like? I\’m in.

Breakfast Juicy LuLu – In years past there have been a dearth of breakfast items beyond standard fare you can get outside the fair. (see what I did their…er, there). The star of this dish is the cheese stuffed sausage. American cheese doesn\’t thrill me, but for breakfast you can\’t get too clever with your cheese. If this was on a biscuit I would definitely get it… oh, who am I kidding, I\’ll still get this.

Caramel Apple Ice Cream – I\’m sure this will be tasty, but it\’s not unusual enough for me to get it. Unless you have a hankering for tractor churned ice cream, my recommendation is to pass.

Caribbean Style Lobster Roll – Lobster rolls are starting to become dime-a-dozen in these parts. The Caribbean twist adds a little something, but with so many foods to try, it\’s hard to commit stomach space for this.

Chicken in the Waffle – Chicken and sausage gravy sounds good. Put it in a waffle cone and I think I should put on a poncho before trying to eat it. I\’m intrigued, but will need to see it in person to make a final call.

Chilaquiles – \”Corn tortilla chips covered in chili verde sauce with chicken then topped with eggs and garnished with lettuce, tomato and sour cream.\” Sounds delicious. I love verde sauce. I love breakfast options at the fair (note: only served until 10:30). But I can get this other places. Or even make at home.

Chocolate Dessert Salami – Don\’t let \”salami\” freak you out. It\’s just chocolate and nuts in a log shape.

Deep Fried Breakfast On a Stick – Cheese, sausage, egg, pancake, all battered up on a stick, now *THAT* is a state fair breakfast food!

Deep Fried Buckeyes – Peanut butter ball with chocolate and deep fried… that\’s definitely worth trying!

Deep Fried Lobster On a Stick – I\’m not a lobster guy so I\’ll likely pass on this, but I\’m guessing I\’ll get a full report from others.

Gluten Free Beer Battered Brat – Ok, I\’ll say it… I\’m fully opposed to the gluten free movement (if we can call it a movement). There is a small percentage of the population who has a gluten intolerance, and an even smaller percentage that has celiac disease. Unless you\’ve been diagnosed, I don\’t want to hear it. Also, worth noting… the brat is specifically noted as being nitrate and gluten free, but they say nothing of the beer batter where I would assume most of the gluten would live.

Hot Toasted Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich – This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Hot waffles, and ice cream. Unless it\’s that Walmart ice cream that doesn\’t melt #amirite #topical

Iron Range Pierogies – While pierogies are delicious, I can get them the other 353 days of the year.

Jello Salad Ice Cream – It doesn\’t get much more Minnesotan (or Lutheran) than this. Although according to the description there is no Jello in it. I\’m surprised the Jello people haven\’t sent a cease and desist letter.

JonnyPops – \”smoothie on a stick\” … … … needless to say, I\’ll pass…

Korean BBQ Collar with Kimchi Pickles – WTF is pork collar? Apparently it\’s like pork belly, but from the shoulder area. So expect a very fatty cut of pork. Since it\’s from Famous Dave\’s I will likely skip this.

North Shore Pasta –- Walleye Mac & Cheese – I like the idea of this (walleye, gouda sauce), but with so many other things to try this year, I can\’t see making this a priority.

PB&J French Toast – Note: this is service with your choice of ham, bacon, or sausage. I\’m loving the amount of breakfast items on the menu this year. I might need to show up extra early this year!

Pizza Tots – Sausage, Pepperoni, Cheese, and Hash Browns… we have a winner!

Pretzel Curds – This has real potential… cheese curds in a pretzel based batter. Since this is at O\’Gara\’s I can guarantee I will try this.

Prime Rib Taco – While I\’m sure this is good, this is something I can make at home. Besides, all good prime rib needs is a little horseradish and au jus… not chili and cheese…

Rustic Stuffed Scone – Again, something I can make at home. I make a mean scone. (0.0)

Schnitzel Strips – This is just pork tenderloin cut into strips…

Shrimp Dog – and I quote: \”Baby shrimp and cream cheese are combined, then batter-­‐dipped, deep-­‐fried and served on-­‐a-­‐stick with a side of either raspberry chipotle sauce or cocktail sauce.\” #justthrewupinmymouth

SnoRibbons – Imagine if cotton candy and a sno cone had a gluten free love child… not high on the list.

Ok, there we go. I\’ll be back with a full report after the fair. Hope to see you there!