Wanted: Ted or Alive

- Alex

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Welcome back to a fourth year of the Victory Gambit! This is a no thoughtcrime zone, in case you weren't aware. We have a thoughtcrime laser circling the Earth - you will be zapped to tiny smithereens! Ahem. No but seriously, welcome. We'll be doing our best to put the 'daily' part back in the Daily Gambit - that's one of the official SimpleProp New Year's Resolutions that I just made up right now. I'll let you in on what the other ones are as I think of them.

So anyway, I was browsing the Outdoor Life Network last night, becuase as previously discussed, I like hockey, and they're apparently showing games these days. However, instead of the coolest game on ice, I ended up spending a good five minutes absorbed in riveting TV. It's called Wanted: Ted or Alive, and it features the estimable Ted Nugent. I'm not sure if we're supposed to equate Ted with death or not, nor if your choices are Ted or Life (for the record: Life for me, please).

Either way, it seems to be a sort of meld between Survivor, City Slickers, and maybe like perhaps Double Dare, with Ted Nugent thrown in for extra spice. Honestly, I only caught the bare end of a show where they were kicking someone off, so I have no idea what the show is actually like. I think it might be better that way, because then I can just make up whatever seems the funniest.

Not much else to report, aside from the fact that I selfishly feel as though I'm the only one at work today. In any case, welcome to 2006!

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