Par for the course

As reported by Glenn Greenwald, and followed up on by Keith Olbermann (video embedded at the end of this post):

Either Attorney General Mukasey is lying about 9/11 in order to fear monger (yes, I\’m using that as a verb) up a stronger FISA/Telecom Immunity/Protect America Act. Or the Administration was completely inept in the run-up to 9/11.

Seriously. Isn\’t this the sort of thing that should get you fired? Either you\’re lying, or you\’re inept?! Good grief. Each time something like this occurs, there should be impeachment. If you lie, or you stink, you should not lead. Especially as it pertains to significant events which change the course of lives. Like 9/11. Or the Iraq War.

And of course, try to find coverage of this where anyone points out the either/or of the situation. CNN will gladly tell you about an ex-stripper\’s murder plot, and a 70 year old first grader. I\’m starting to agree with Barreiro\’s weekly assessment: we\’re done as a society.

Here\’s the Olbermann video:







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  1. wadE Avatar

    Wow… it’s hard to guess if that’s completely made up to stir the pot… or a complete dropping of the ball by our intelligence community. As much as I can’t stand the Shrub, I don’t think it’s accurate to hold them singularly responsible for not picking up on the “clues” to 9/11. You can certainly hold them responsible for the bungling of the response and the completely wrong approach on how to fix the systemic problems… and you can blame Bush for being an idiot and continuing to read a story about a goat after learning that a plane had crashed into the WTC… :-\

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