elway has something to say about your future, in about a week

just finished watching an installment of \”NFL\’s Greatest Games\” on ESPN– tonight, they focused on the cleveland browns / new york jets division championship game from 1/3/87. per usual, a job well done: present day interviews with marty schottenheimer, joe walton, kevin mack, bernie kosar, ozzie newsome, don criqui, charlie steiner (Jets radio announcer at the time) and others made it a very interesting and insightful recap. a few observations:

+ kosar is a really funny guy. a bit of a (bleep)hole, but a funny guy. among his comments tonight were that he obviously had some talents in managing a game in that he \”ran a 6.0+ 40 yard dash.\” and that he wanted schottenheimer to stop wearing a dress and call more pass plays. oh, and that defensive backs were defensive backs for a reason: they couldn\’t catch the ball.

+ bill cowher was cleveland\’s special teams coach at that time. i wonder if chelle would find him as captivating when seeing him in a members\’ only jacket.

+ mark moseley was the browns\’ kicker at the end of \’86; it\’s completely bizarre to see a straight-on placekicker. he starts directly behind the ball from about two yards back, takes one step, and then kicks. weird. it should be noted that he missed two chip-in field goals during this game– maybe there\’s a reason straight-on placekickers went the way of DIVX discs…







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