\”I said no camels! That\’s five camels!\”

I thought I\’d take the time today to direct your attention to a pair of time-sinks.

First on the list: The Best of Craigslist. Even if you don\’t know what Craigslist is, nor how it works, just click yourself on a link that sounds interesting, because chances are it probably will be. I\’d suggest starting with something like I spilled grandma on you around spadian station.

Follow that up with the Livejournal Tech Support community. I don\’t know that this will have the same range of appeal, but it\’s comforting to me that I\’m not the only one dealing with this particular brand of stupidity on a daily basis. A good way to dig in would be to start with this story. Not long ago I\’d be tempted to write this off as urban legend, but I\’m no longer willing to discount any story about stupidity, no matter how stupid. Don\’t forget to check out the follow-up, which for some reason his choice to use that style of narrative makes me giggle.

I was going to leave it at five links as part of a misguided attempt to justify today\’s Gambit title, but oh well. The third tale from Tech Support is too good to resist. I\’ll just say that I\’m glad I don\’t have this guy\’s [link moderately NSFW] job.







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