It\’s been too serious here lately…

…and so I give you, via Deadspin, via With Leather:

The Running of the Urinals!

It\’s sort of like a hilbilly Most Extreme Elimination. You\’re welcome.







3 responses to “It\’s been too serious here lately…”

  1. wadE Avatar

    So did this happen at the Preakness? I guess that b/c of the background as well as the Baltimore Sun image at the end. Also, a number of the people I could see didn’t look like NASCAR fans… which is what I initially assumed it would be. I watched the Preakness this past weekend and the announcers (while a clip of people with coolers were walking in the infield) were saying that “it gets a little rowdy on the infield”. 🙂

  2. anderswa Avatar

    i’m trying to figure out if that’s harder than it looks, or if those guys are just drunk. probably a little bit of both.

  3. monkey Avatar

    I’m guessing the steady rain of bottles and cans adds to the degree of difficulty, both in balance and slipperiness. One guy looks like he got *clocked* shortly before going down on the port-a-potties. Hmm. “Going down on the port-a-potty.” Not a good phrase.

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