All We Are Saying Is Give War A Chance

A great Letter to the Editor in today\’s Star Tribune.

It comes from a former soldier who writes of the need to let new strategies take effect. His editorial is very convincing. Mr. Hegseth says the right things: I was there, I saw what worked. Old Strategy was obviously not working, but this new one will. The military is getting the Iraqis involved in their own protection and enforcement of law. There\’s a new sheriff, er, general in town. Early reports sound good. Etc.

Mr. Hesgeth asks for time. Time to give this \”winning strategy a chance\”. My question back is, \”how much time is enough?\”

As Keith Olbermann is fond of saying, today is day 1480 since Mission Accomplished was declared. I\’m not a \”cut and run\” liberal, although Republican wonks would like everyone who even questions the war to be labled that. The U.S. is unfortunately in this for the long haul, but how long of a haul does it need to be? Why as it taken over 4 years (1523 days today) to figure out this new \”winning\” strategy?

As much as I hope that the strategy that Mr. Hesgeth speaks of works, after 4 years you\’ll excuse me if I don\’t hold my breath.







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