Gay or Straight

There is a really fascinating story that 60 Minutes on Yahoo is running right now. Gay or Straight takes a look at a controversial study that is providing a lot of clues on the nature vs. nuture debate on homesexuality.

The research confirms a lot of my thoughts about homosexuality (from a scientific perspective). It\’s not nature vs. nuture, it\’s a combination of both; and in ways you may not have thought of. One of the more interesting pieces is a study that youngest brothers have a much higher chance of being gay. A first born son has a 2% chance of being gay, and that number increases with each additional son. This was of particular interest to me being that I have older brothers. However, if a younger son is left-handed, that negates the increased probability (I\’m left handed). Oddly enough there is no correlation for daughters. I think you can sum up the information by saying: there\’s a reason we have stereotypes of gay people, but they don\’t apply 100% of the time; and nature and nuture contribute to being gay.

If you\’ve got some time on a lazy Friday afternoon, check it out.







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  1. NeeNee Avatar

    Thank Goodness Matt is left handed too….whew

  2. blondebombchelle Avatar

    Thank god you’re a lefty, I had enough men come out of the closet after dating them.

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