fausto f*ing carmona

in case you missed it, the twins lost today. again. shut out, actually. by whom? fausto carmona. he\’s the cleveland starter whose name roughly translates to jackass cockpunch. you may recall him from such hits as \”beating the twins on april 24th.\” we actually were able to notch two runs against the wily dominican that night. who knows how that may have happened.

it\’s late, so i\’ll keep this to two things:

a) four hits. that\’s how many the twins amassed today. bartlett, hunter, kubel, redmond, and something called garrett jones all did o-fers. only castillo, morneau, cuddy, and little nicky sunshine could muster a hit. i don\’t care if we\’re facing carmona, sabathia, or the ghost of sandy frickin\’ koufax, we aren\’t going to win many games with four hits. our hitting is awful.

2) four hits. that\’s how many santana allowed today. that\’s thirteen less than our staff gave up on tuesday. not only did we not score any runs, we wasted a fantastic effort by– some might argue– the only reliable starter on the staff. our pitching is awful.

and, unlike last season, there\’s no f-bomb in the wings. one of our young\’n\’s (boof) is already flailing in the major league rotation. garza had a decent spring but apparently didn\’t get outs in the right fashion. and… scott baker? how many more chances will he get? apparently one more, at least.

mark it down, kids: your twins finish fourth in the AL central this season, ten games behind the division-leading tigers.

i wish it wasn\’t so…







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  1. sparklegirl Avatar

    My poor Torii, according to the Strib, describes Fausto’s sinker as “so scary, I thought I was hung over.” And I thought I was the only one with reactions like that.

  2. alex Avatar

    The only good thing that the Twins falling out of contention might bring is the promotion of the AAA pitchers for some seasoning. A 2008 rotation of Santana, Liriano, Garza, and Boof/Baker/Slowey (pick two) sounds mighty good. Of course, if we don’t re-sign Torii we’ll have the same craptacular offense, replacing Castillo with Casilla, and probably just playing Tyner in CF. So I’m not sure that we’ll accomplish anything until Uncle Carl opens up the wallet to sign some bats. Near as I can tell there’s no help coming from the farm system any time soon…

  3. anderswa Avatar

    nicely put, alex. although if we’re going to use ’08 as a rebuilding year, let’s get span out in center and matt moses at third. morneau and mauer are young enough to put up with rebuilding, with an eye on contending again in 2010. santana? maybe not so much. does it make sense to trade him for prospects before he ditches us in free agency? maybe. this is feeling a lot like 1989.

  4. wadE Avatar

    wow… I don’t know if I would say that we’re looking to ’08 as a rebuilding year. let me back up… I agree in that we aren’t winning the division or the wild card this year. I predict we’ll fight it out with somebody for 3rd place. So to be contrarian, I’ll say 3rd place finish (but 4th wouldn’t surprise me, we could be in 4th with a winning record even).
    Anyway, I think this is the rebuilding year. IF we retain Hunter, F-bomb comes back at all, AND we upgrade at 3B and LF, I think this team is legit again. Of course this solution adds 20 million to the payroll, so don’t hold your breath. It might come down to regrouping and coming back in ’09 or *gasp* ’10.

  5. alex Avatar

    I don’t know that adding Span solves anything. The only difference between Span and Tyner is age. No need to rush Moses, either. If he’s not ready, he won’t hit any better than Punto, and at least Punto can field. And if we let Hunter go, then we have negligible power at both LF *and* CF, as well as 3B, in addition to 2B/SS, and it’s not like Cuddyer has even done it two years in a row yet. It’d be nice if the organization would either spend or trade for some power bats… so far it seems like the only three the minors have produced in recent memory are Torii, Morneau, and Ortiz…

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