To the depths of the internet. . . and back!

And of course by that I mean I\’ll be throwing a lot of links at you today. You\’re welcome.

This is just such a jarring visual. It\’s hard to get past how odd it looks… but by all means congratulations to that man. I\’m very impressed that he had the talent to play special teams. (The story is a couple years old.) Here\’s a link to the Rick Reilly archive of that story.

Geometry Saved Me Money. Umm… do you know how I know you\’re an absolute nerd? Still, that is pretty quick thinking, I will begrudginly admit it.

That Vernon Wells sure does love his fans. I don\’t think I could write that legibly on a piece of paper, let alone a baseball.

Finally, this is an interesting story about the use of robotics in the war in Iraq. It\’s not too surprising that soldiers would anthropomorphize their robots the same way I do with my cat. It\’s just interesting to read about it.







One response to “To the depths of the internet. . . and back!”

  1. wadE Avatar

    You were right, that image is jarring. The photographer comes off as a bit of an ass in that first link though. He seems more interested in the 12 grand he made than the story of the kid.
    Love the math story…a story only a math major would love. 🙂
    Vernon Wells is my new favorite centerfielder.
    I really liked that last story. I think the whole thing can be boiled down to one line from it: “It’s not about how the machine works. It’s about how humans are wired.”

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