intersting news item out of winona today. click here and then come ba… ah, screw it, it\’s short:

A 23-year-old Winona man who was stabbed nine times early Saturday morning told police he couldn’t identify his assailants because he slept through the whole thing.

Deputy police chief Tom Williams said Winona Police are investigating the incident which oc-curred at about 1:30 a.m. at a residence on the 700 block of east Fifth Street, but was not reported until 7:57 a.m.

Williams said the victim told officers he slept through the attack and only became aware of his injuries when his girlfriend saw he was covered in blood and brought them to his attention. He was taken to Community Memorial Hospital and then transferred to LaCrosse for treatment. He remained hospitalized Monday morning.

Williams said the investigation of the incident will continue.

now. i am an incredibly heavy sleeper. my wife can certainly attest: many mornings i am given the rundown of the previous night\’s prodding, poking, punching, and pushing in order to get me to stop snoring. it\’s not mean– i\’m sure it\’s impossible to sleep under those conditions, and i never remember the beating that i take.

irregardless… stabbed? nine times? (/ed rooney) he had to be on something? right?







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