america\’s pastime

varied baseball nuggets for today:

+ the sea bass are up to 7th (out of 10) in the goat? fantasy league. if the season ended today… i\’d be satisfied.

+ relatedly: am i going to hell because i\’m cheering for a-rod (first-round pick for the sea bass) this season? yeah. i thought so.

+ if you haven\’t already, read this. it\’s a little dated, but is a perfect example of why i\’m in love with

+ while the twins game tonight has been pretty depressing overall, i found a bright spot: yanks first baseman doug mientkiewicz grounding a ball to justin morneau, who starts a 3-6-3 double play. makes me forget about david ortiz a little bit.

+ lastly, sometimes baseball is really a game of multiple purposes. thanks to ETC for the link.

play ball.







2 responses to “america\’s pastime”

  1. sparklegirl Avatar

    Just to confirm: yes, you are going to hell. Not just because of the A-Rod thing, but I think that clinches it. 😉

  2. wadE Avatar

    that FJM think is beautiful… I agree that ripping on radio is boring and like shooting fish in a barrel, but every once in a while it needs to be done… maybe if you drafted Soriano he wouldn’t suck so bad…

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