Vive Les Nukes

So you\’re saying France is getting something right? Natrually it came about via the typical French attitude of well… we\’re gonna do something different… so nyah…, but still. I\’m moderately impressed, and did not know this particular fact about the country.

Cleanest air, and lowest energy prices, what\’s not to like? Good wine too, I hear.

I\’d be interested to see if there are any long term studies about general health with regards to radiation. If there are, and they\’re clean, this is definitely intriguing.







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  1. monkey Avatar

    “When there’s a small probability of a catastrophe people think about the catastrophe and not the small probability.” Basic probability is good.

    “While the United States decided to store its nuclear waste, the French embraced the idea of reprocessing it. Instead of burying the spent fuel rods underground or underwater, they decided to build a massive plant on the coast of Normandy and recycle the used fuel and reuse it. ” Ah yes, paranoia about what some lunatic might do with reprocessed nuclear fuel. And as above, what, exactly, is the chance of this happening *with a good security and tracking system in place*?

    “You must either be very good or very lucky. Maybe mix of both,” she says. “You cannot bet on the luck. No luck in nuclear. Only work.” Tee hee. That’s funny.

  2. wadE Avatar

    I watched this piece on 60 minutes. There are discussions to build 30 new plants in the US…not all of the will be built, but I bet half of them will be. How else will we produce power without CO2?
    My favorite part of the report was talking about the waste that they keep underwater to “cool down” for 5 years.

  3. sparklegirl Avatar

    Oy, I don’t know about this. I get that we need better energy options, but I watched a documentary about Three Mile Island on TPT a few weeks ago, and woke up in the middle of the night scared about core meltdowns. (Yes, I am overly prone to nightmares.) Evidently, in the case of Three Mile Island, every step that the staff took to try to contain the problem made it worse. Literally, it would have been better if they’d just fallen asleep or disappeared into thin air. Can we trust humans to manage nuclear power? History seems to suggest that we can’t.

  4. anderswa Avatar

    eeek. i’ve watched too many episodes of “the simpsons” in my life to be completely comfortable with the expansion of nuclear plants. however, there really doesn’t seem to be a viable plan B w/r/t energy generation, at least on a large scale…

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