donna martin graduates!

and then… apparently… gets knocked up.

ok, first, tori was never my preferred 90 girl. that easily was jennie garth, followed by tiffani amber-theissen and joe e. tata (not in that order). so, there\’s that.

second, i\’m aware that being pregnant does weird things to a person\’s body. i appreciate this. i, myself, have done a good job becoming a greatbigfatperson without the luxury of growing another human being in my body.

that said…








2 responses to “donna martin graduates!”

  1. wadE Avatar

    yowza! I like second picture in the series btw…

    I thought to myself, why do they have a picture of Sam Cassell in there?

  2. alex Avatar

    The funny thing is, I came across this article last week sometime. I thought about posting it just to scare Wade. And then I thought to myself, “no, that’s just mean”. It was a rare lapse in bad judgement; It’ll never happen again.

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