gambit me this, gambit me that

it\’s friday, kids. what does that mean? time to mail in a gambit!

today\’s nugget: paint-thinner-drinking \’sconny rubes rejoice as brett favre comes back for his 78th season. more here if you\’re into, you know, details.

we last saw cap\’n stubble at the end of the december, crying his way off of lambeau field after beating the bears in the regular season finale. cheesehead nation was in a shambles after telling NBC \”it\’s tough. it\’s tough. i\’m going to miss these guys, and i\’m going to miss the game.\” hard not to think that he\’s hanging up the cleats, right?

wrong. next year the packers have to look forward to a season featuring a 37 year-old quarterback with a combined 38 touchdowns and 47 interceptions over the past two seasons, with an average qb rating of under 72. smell the excitement, green bay!!







3 responses to “gambit me this, gambit me that”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    i just discovered that green bay’s second string qb is the pride of st. cloud state, todd bouman. maybe a geriatric favre isn’t such a bad idea, after all.

  2. wadE Avatar

    wait… what happend to Aaron what’s his face??? Should Bouman be the 3rd string?

  3. Brian Scott Avatar

    Aaron what’s his face broke his foot or something.

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